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Bianstone Therapy

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Benefits of Bianstone

Bianstone therapy is one of the six major medical techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. It contains more than 40 kinds of trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body, and more than 20 kinds of anti-aging elements. Bianstone has a strange energy field, which can produce infrared rays and ultrasonic waves when acting on the human body. Can follow the scriptures. It has the effects of balancing the body's pH, promoting blood circulation, improving sub-health, beautifying and maintaining health. Healinhouse HealMat Crystal Infrared Heating Pad and Far Infrared Crystal Heating Mat use bianstone therapy, after the Bianstone is heated, the blood circulation of the skin can be accelerated, and a fever reaction can occur in the tissue. The heat generated can relieve pain, relieve muscle spasm, and improve the microcirculation state of the tissue. It can change the activity of enzymes, thereby changing the metabolic environment and state of the human body, and transforming the disease into a better direction.

Why do We need Bianstone?

Bianstone can purify liver and kidneys and other organs, eliminate excess toxins, can fully enhance human immunity, this is the magic stone therapy. For cervical vertebral disease, lumbar vertebral disease, migraine headache, cerebrovascular prevention and treatment, rheumatoid efficacy is particularly significant, through bianstone therapy can effectively prevent colds, the elderly and seriously ill patients better efficacy.

Strong Efficacy

  • Enhance Immunity
  • Eliminate Excess Toxins
  • Purify Liver
  • Relieve Pain
  • Relieve Muscle Spasm
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Improve Sub-health

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