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Amethyst Therapy

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Features of Amethyst

Amethyst is a "superconducting" that conducts electricity and energy efficiently. Scientific studies have found that amethyst produces far infrared rays and negative ions that are most beneficial to the human body in all ore and gemstones. Healinhouse HealMat Amethyst Infrared Mat and Amethyst Crystal Mattress use natural amethyst which is the best source of gemstones that produce natural far infrared light, help with various types of blood disease, increase stamina and insomnia.

Explore Amethyst

Amethyst has been known for producing both far infrared and negative ions naturally. Amethyst, as a healing stone, contains sobering and calming qualities. This stone is commonly associated with peace. Amethyst is known to calm and protect the mind. It soothes those that have engaged in rigorous mental activity. It has been deemed "nature's tranquilizer" by many healers because of it's effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind, but also the nervous system. It can stabilize all organs of the body and support a healthy immune system. Besides being a stone of tranquility and repose, Amethyst is also known to enhance mental strength, stability and vigor. It is also effective in protecting the mind from psychic attacks and transforming negative energy into that of positive and tranquil tenacity.

Strong Efficacy

  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Accelerate Body’s Metabolism
  • Improve Body’s Immunity
  • Help Thinking and Enhance Memory
  • Activate Central Nervous System Cells